Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A New Shiny Card! (1993)

I just received this card in the mail recently. The seller had it up as buy it now or best offer. I threw a low-ish ball offer out there and hoped he'd just counter for a bit less then asking and I'd accept.. but he accepted my offer! Love that type of deal. This is my 4th Phillies Refractor from this set and I have the Frank Thomas. Always toy with going after the complete set but not sure I have the card resources to do it (aka money). Some of the bigger names go for big bucks.

Pretty sweet card. They still pop after all these years. I saw Tommy Greene in person recently. He looks a bit like a body builder he's quite big and in shape. No, I wasn't stalking him there was a Phillies cookout where Tommy Greene, John Kruk, Dickie Noles and Greg Luzinski made sliders and gave out free samples to everyone. They did a good job of keeping the samples flowing, didn't seem like anyone left empty handed. Also, my wife didn't like the sliders so I got to eat double! It was great!

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  1. Who doesn't like sliders???
    Sounds like a fun time

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