Sunday, December 10, 2017

Some stuff

Just popping on the blog to say hello. 'Hello!' Watched the Eagles get a really good win on the road against the Rams. Unfortunately it's sounding like Wentz is done until next year. Eagles obviously still make the playoffs (clinched the division) but who knows after that. Foles has played in the playoffs  before so hes not completely unfamiliar but the offense has to change without Wentz. Like Cubs fans used to say, there is always next year...

These are all of my 1993 Finest Refractors. ***Not all originals, clearly** Although, I am glad I snagged the Howard out of 25 at some point. They seem to be tough parallels to come by. I'm still trying to complete the Phillies team set of the originals. Still need the Kruk and Schilling. I'm not willing to overpay so I'll be on the lookout for a decent deal. Just to give you guys and girls an idea for the other 4 Phillies, none were more then 15 dollars. Saw an unopened box of 1993 Finest at the show a couple weekends ago. The guy wanted 650.00! Can't open the box at that price since there are so few cards that you'd make your money back. Heck, I'd be beyond thrilled if I hit the Frank Thomas refractor out of a pack, and I don't think its worth 650. (I paid significantly less for the one pictured above). Whoever thought shiny=good in baseball cards is a genius though. Still holds true today.

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  1. $650 for a box!!!??? That's crazy!
    I'm still searching for the Finest Refractor parallels for both 93 & 94 of Cutch. Good luck completing the rest of your set.