Friday, December 22, 2017

Cards from Scott!

I can finally post these. They have been in my scan folder way way way too long (song reference). Scott is one of my dozens of readers and he always keeps an eye out for Frank Thomas cards. Always much appreciated when he reaches out with some new ones. I finally (my bad) hit him back with a decent package of cards so I'm going to post The Big Hurt's that he has sent over semi recently.

Really like the Leaf Limited cards. I remember as a kid in the 90s thinking those were way out of my price range.

A nice mix of base and inserts. Always up for receiving parallels, even though some aren't 'worth' as much they are still hard to find. I am now up to 821 unique Frank Thomas cards. That's larger then my Ryan Howard PC. Although I have way more autographs and relics of Howard (mainly due to prices)

Thanks for the cards Scott and hope you liked the return cards!

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