Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cards from Bo!

I recently completed a trade with Bo.. check out his Blog, Baseball Cards come to Life! He is a regular poster and a good read. It was more of a blind trade. He said he had some Phillies cards set aside for a trade that did not happen. I was happy to send a bunch of cards over to him and he returned in kind. It was a massive stack of Phillies cards and he hit up a bunch of my set want lists. It's been a long time since I was able to knock off 2002 Upper Deck Vintage off the list. One day I will complete that set.

This is an oversized card from 1984. Back when Pete Rose didn't gamble on baseball and people liked him.

I really like the 1993 Topps Gold Morandini. It's a nice action shot and the 1993 Phillies were a great team. 

Some more nice Phillies cards. I just picked out 18 that I thought were scan worthy. Now I have to figure out my organization for all the cards I have. I have a few 800 count and 2500 count boxes full of mostly unsorted Phillies cards. There's a lot out there. One day I will organize it all. I'm mostly organized through the 70s (still working on those sets) but the 80s are tough and the 90s are crazy with all the releases. 

As always thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!

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