Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Couple new Howard's

I picked up a good bit of stuff in August. No idea why but everything I was looking for seemed to pop up in rapid succession. I don't think I bought a single card in September so funny how that works. Gotta keep grinding!

Check out some new Howard's!

A pretty cool Just Minors auto. This silver version is numbered out of 200. Look how young he is before his career got going. 

This is the color swap variation from 2013 Heritage.I had gone after this card several times before finally landing one. Always had a specific price in mind so I finally got it for what I wanted. Figured there was enough of them out there that I could be patient. 

Just a quick hello today. Hope people are enjoying the World Series and not everyone's Fantasy Football season is already done!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice pickups. My fantasy team is very middle of pack right now. The only thing salvaging my team is Patrick Mahomes.