Sunday, October 14, 2018

'Oldies' but Goodies

When I bought my ginter box I didn't want to pay shipping so I bought one of those grab bag hope to get a super awesome card for cheap type of boxes. I didn't hit one of the big chase cards but at least I hit a card for the PC!

Definitely 'lost' value wise but I don't care I'm keeping the card.

GEM MINT 10! Steve Carlton! He was pretty good. Happy to add this card to my Phillies team sets. Always a work in progress but always making progress!

Also picked up this card in a another deal. I had wanted one for a while to add to the PC. It doesn't necessarily fit in my Hall of Fame rookies since he didn't quite make the Hall of Fame but I still like the card.

A Donnie Baseball rookie card!

Yes, I do realize I called 1983 and 1984 old. It is only slightly older then me but not by much. Would this be considered the junk wax era? Or was it in full force with 1986 Topps? I remember that being super abundant when I was a kid and went to a local LCS. I'd open packs cause it was cheap and I liked the look of the cards.

Thanks for reading! Hoping the World Series is entertaining this year since the Phillies decided to collapse historically.


  1. I think most people seem to agree that junk wax starts with 1986 or 1987. The early 80s are kind of in-between, not vintage but not junk wax, either.

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