Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Rainbow of Sorts!

I was able to grab 2 Ryan Howard cards that I had been looking for since I decided to re-enter this crazy hobby of ours. It basically completed this Rookie Rainbow.

This is the Orange County Edition numbered out of 5. I have only ever seen 1 copy of it and I was lucky enough to win it in an open auction.

This one is numbered out of 57. I've seen a couple copies out there but I negotiated with the seller to purchase it.

These are the other cards to complete the Rainbow...

The gold out of 24 and the blue out of 42! It's nice to finally have them all. They look good together.

I also have these to look at..

Always on the lookout for more of them!

Thanks for reading! Side note -- my iphone told me today there was a snow squall while I was driving with that alert notification thing. I made it to work fine and then it snow squalled for about 15 minutes, very interesting weather.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pick-up on the /5! It's frustrating when you come across a low numbered card and miss out.