Saturday, January 4, 2020


These are my most recent Rhys editions. I've built up a nice little PC of his. Have a stack of his cards on my table in the card room. I've tried to be semi selective on what I pickup since he was the IT guy and had a lot of different cards come up very quickly.

A transcendent rookie card. I would love to buy a box of this one day but unless I hit the lottery it's probably not going to happen. Or if i start a group breaking company and don't keep any of the cards for myself.

I grabbed this card at the last Philly show for 10 dollars. I thought that was pretty fair, The black parallel looks good. I know these cards are pretty popular in general so it was nice to see out in the wild and not pay shipping.

Can't wait til pitchers and catchers report, and Fantasy Baseball season (2 time defending champ!)

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