Thursday, November 19, 2020

A rising star ... in the 90s!

Way back when in the 1990's I actually pulled this regular insert in a box. I still have it and it's awesome. I purchased this card for not all that much but it's fancy as you can see...

 It has a really shiny Gold Medallion on the bottom left corner. For those that don't know this enterprising card is from 1995. That was a good year. I was ten. Bought my first CD's ever (well Dad bought them for me). I was a trendy 10 year old, Alanis Morsette -- Jagged Little Pill, Weird Al Yankovic -- Bad Hair Day and Hootie and the Blowfish -- Cracked Rearview Mirror. I actually saw Weird Al in person about 2 years ago now down in Atlantic City. Still rather entertaining. 

I like many people out there enjoy a good 90s insert. This particular card is 1 in 370 packs so kinda rare! The regular insert is 1:37 so maybe 1 per box. 

Thanks for reading!

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