Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Double Dose of Vlad!

Vlad the original! I have started to go after the entire master set of 2000 Upper Deck Ionix. I have found a couple big cards. I think these 2 qualify. It's actually my first Vlad auto which fits into my Hall of Fame collection. 

I didn't realize the label slid out. That's ok. When I complete the auto set I may crack this one out anyway. I don't care that it's graded. If anyone has a line on the Griffey Jr for the auto set please let me know!

Also, I was able to grab this rare insert for cheap. It was on ebay and the seller auto accepted my offer. I was willing to go higher but I'll take it! I've made decent progress on this set, going to start having to get the word out for the ones I'm missing though! 

Thanks for reading! Any Warp Zones or Griffey ionix autos out there let me know!


  1. This seems like a bad time to be buying that Griffey auto, the prices are probably multiple times higher than they were a couple of years ago, and will have much more competition than they will a few years from now.

    1. Yea may be right, I just haven't been able to actually find a copy of it anywhere.


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