Monday, February 1, 2021

Finest Flashbacks!

I had previously shown the team set for the Phillies that I picked up from this set. It seemed to be a very popular set out of the gate but the prices have settled a bit. If I remember correctly the Luis Robert base card was pushing 200 now I've seen it go for 50-60. (I have not bought it). I was able to pick up 1 Phillies base refractor. These were 1 per box. I know they had colored refractors too but the original 93 set only had base and I feel that's more of a true flashback.  

Pretty shiny. Let's see how the scan compares to the original. 

Pretty close. I've yet to complete the team set for the modern version. Maybe 1 day. I've been super focused on other baseball card endeavors at the moment. I completed the 93 Finest Refractor Phillies team set a while ago. It's nice to have them since they always seem to be going up in price. They are nice cards and have easily withstood the test of time (seeing as how many times Topps love to reprint them). 

This one above is from 2013 Topps Finest. This is the base version. I have the refractor version numbered out of 25 just can't locate the scan at the moment. 

Thanks for reading! I hope there is baseball soon!


  1. Such an iconic set, I love the original. But I wish card companies would limit themselves to a single reprinting of a design at most. Lazy and money grubbing!

  2. I've never owned a '93 Finest refractor (even the commons seemed out of my budget) so I'm very impressed you have a team set. The recreation is very nice but the player names are a bit too big.

    1. It took a while to get the team set together. The Daulton was the last one. I got super lucky on the Schilling cause it was listed on ebay wrong so barely anyone bid.