Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trade with a Red Sox Fan!

I recently completed a trade with a blog from Nebraska! If you click that link you can see what I sent him.. a whole mess of Red Sox cards and he sent me back a whole mess of Phillies cards.

Check it out!

My favorite card of the whole package is the Pat the Bat diecut. I like everything about the card, the shininess, the rookie card ness, and that its one of the players I really liked when he was here in Philadelphia! Bastardo almost blew the game today, what a nail biter! Seven run lead almost gone.. thankfully they pulled it out. Need to get back to .500 and then go from there! 

I hope JA Happ is doing alright... he took quite a liner to the head not too long ago. That has to be scary. Always appeciate the random blue parallels ( I don't buy much from Wal Mart blaster wise) so the only way I'd get these is from you great traders out there! Love the Jimmy Eisenriech press proof insert! I had forgotten about those inserts but they're awesome!

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!

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