Sunday, November 16, 2014

A couple random things!

I haven't been as blog active this month. I've been quite active in general though! I'm getting married in a week and I had my bachelor party last weekend and I've been doing all sorts of things including work.

Here's a Frank Thomas card I got a while ago!

These were from 2013 Topps Archives the Triumvirate inserts. Pretty cool looking set in general. I never did get the 3rd White Sox player to complete the set though. I didn't buy too many packs of 13 archives, I did really enjoy 2012 though.

Here is another fun card!

Wow my scanner was dusty.. I think it's cleaner now. I like the picture on this bowman chrome card. The sliding Howard and the blue borders work well together. Excited to see what happens on the up coming winter meetings! I wonder if Stanton will be the first 300 million dollar man. Can't blame him if the Marlins offer it. That's a crazy amount of money!

Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to be more active after the wedding .. everything is on hold until after the wedding!

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  1. Crunch time! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Hope you recovered from the bachelor party.