Saturday, November 29, 2014

A hit from a Pack!

I received a nice Target gift card from some people at work.. so naturally I had to hit up the card aisle. I went for one of those Topps Chrome update mega pack things. I had enjoyed opening a couple of them last year, so why not. I had no Topps Update from this year so they were all new cards to me! The Chrome packs were fun as usual! My wife called it before we even opened the packs and said a nice hit would be in there.

Without any more introduction 1 in 34 packs or so:

A pretty shiny Troy Tulowitzki chrome refractor. This pack only consisted of 2 cards. This card and a Mookie Betts rookie card (one of the better base cards in my opinion!)

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! It was great for me being an Eagles fan. All of Philadelphia was happy and sports talk radio is real fun to listen too when the Eagles crush the Cowboys. Made the Turkey taste that much better haha!

Thanks for reading!