Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's the Offseason!

Apparently it's too cold for baseball, but cold enough for winter meetings and people presumably in suits to meet and talk baseball. The first big contract of the year was signed Jordan Zimmerman 5 years 110 million. The way contracts are now-a-days that's probably about right. I probably watched 100 Nationals games last year and he was a decent but not spectacular pitcher. I remember when the Phillies were after Cliff Lee a few years ago. That was a fun off-season to be a Phillies fan.

On a different note, I have officially joined blow out cards. I already completed one trade and agreed to another. Always enjoy talking shop with people so just another avenue to do that. I typically don't post a lot on message boards in general but I like having the option to buy or trade with people. I've basically been trading cards online for over 20 years now. Started out with Magic the Gathering and now onto Baseball!

I've gotten a few e-mails/comments from people that received the give away! I hope everyone enjoys the cards. I tried my best to tailor each package to what people wanted.

Here's a page from my 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia set. Wonder if anyone else put this one together. That was a lot of fun back then, one of the center pieces of my collection!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Several people in the Saber community think Zimmerman might be a bust. He is a good pitcher but his peripheral numbers like k/rate have been trending the wrong way. Hard to spend 100 million on a guy who has trouble striking guys out.

    By the way I got your package as well. Haven't opened it yet, but it arrived safe and sound.

  2. As a Tigers fan, I am disappointed with five years and the money wasted on Zimmerman. As a Brad's fan, I was super happy with the cards you sent! Once you are moved, I'd liked to reciprocate with a Phillies package . :)