Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cards from Too Many Verlanders!

I received a nice package in the mail a few weeks ago from Too Many Verlanders! He knows what I collect and always does a nice job on sending some interesting things. Hopefully Verlander will recover from his injuries this past year and go back to being a dominant pitcher. Always enjoyed watching him.

Nothing like a reprint of Ryan Howard (I am currently wearing a Ryan Howard shirt) so good timing. I have the original of course but the blue tint adds a little something to the card. This is my first and only auto of Kyle Drabek. I had one in a Toronto Uniform in 2011 but I traded it. He was the centerpiece of the Roy Halladay deal. Unfortunately, he had Tommy John surgery and hasn't been the same pitcher since. Halladay had an amazing run with the Phillies and was a joy to watch. Nothing like going to 3 straight games and seeing Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay pitch. Mets fans enjoy it while you have it. Syndergaard, Harvey and DeGrom are going to be tough to beat for a few years. 

Always appreciate getting those retail only patch cards. I hate spending money on them so trading is way better. The Bourn card is super thick with that helmet. It's pretty cool. He's put together a decent career for himself.

He also sent this..

Full disclosure.. I took the pic off of google images, but yes I now have a Frank Thomas can! Love all the odd ball stuff that exists. The 90s were a great time to be growing up in. Y2K and all! 

Thanks for reading!

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