Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PWE from 2x3 Heroes!

I was lucky enough to receive a Plain White Envelope from 2 x 3 Heroes! He always manages to send something interesting. I feel like I'm behind on returning the favor. I have a ton of White Sox cards that I need to send back!

A smorgasbord of Howard's!

My main goal in the next few months in regards to organization is figure out how many Howard's I have and which ones I actually need. I've done a lot of blind trading the last couple years and have gotten many cards from you guys and girls... and I haven't kept any sort of checklist at all! If I can organize and catalog then I can actually provide direction on what I need. Quite a concept!

If you are planning on sending me a package in the next week or two please hold off, my address will be changing and although I will forward the mail better safe then sorry!

Thanks for reading!

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