Thursday, September 29, 2016


I've been busting Gint A Cuffs boxes for the last few years. The last two I've gotten real lucky and hit some cool stuff. I no longer own the Mike Trout wood mini one of one. I sold it to a wood mini collector for a pretty good sum. We were both happy with the transaction. It was hard for me to let go since I pulled it myself.. but I'll always have my own digital scan.

Bye bye wood mini trout, enjoy your new home!

I still have the Dodgers rip card (unripped). I had to put it out of sight or I'd be weak one day and just rip it for the heck of it. If the players weren't Kershaw and Maeda I would've already ripped it. I may have to eventually sell that one to a Dodgers collector just so they keep it intact or to a ginter collector who likes ripping cards no matter the price so I know whats inside. Such paradoxes.

As of this typing I am still in first for Gint-A-Cuffs! Super excited about that. I like to think of the stack of boxes that we saw at the National I just picked the best one there.

Thanks for reading!