Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Some 90s Bonds Inserts

Now that Gint A Cuffs is over (really big hit again this year!) Here are some 90s inserts that I scanned after re uniting my childhood collection to my current collection. These were some of my top loader worthy cards back then (and still in the top loaders I can't bring myself to take them out)

A pretty sweet card with a lot of baseballs on it!

A Pinnacle Power insert! Used to love opening pinnacle packs. They were always fun. The base is a little raised up on the card but you can't tell by the scan. I have no idea what these booked for back then but I'm sure it was somewhere close to a million dollars or so.

Now you can get both of the above cards for about 10 bucks on ebay! The Pinnacle Power being most of that 10. (or less money if you have the gall to scroll down the listings)

Anyways, Happy September baseball!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice looking cards, great to see the best player in baseball history represented on a non-Giants blog :-)

    1. The best player in history is Bob Walk and Brad can do a post about him at anytime since he played for the Phillies!