Friday, September 23, 2016

Some more Howard's and a childhood collection card!

Here are some of my more recent Ryan Howard pickups..

The metal base card from 2016 Topps. These are sharp cards if you haven't seen one in person yet. Good weight to them and nicely done. I wouldn't be upset if they kept this subset around for a bit. They're scarce enough that the big names pull in some pretty good money. 

This is this year's Topps Heritage Mini out of 100. Nice card, nothing fancy with Heritage. It's all about the errors and color swaps and throwbacks with that set. I personally have never chased down all the parallels, maybe one year I'll go all in and save up and buy 4 cases or so and chase them all. That'd be fun. Howard did hit his 23rd Homer last night. Phillies lost on a walk off home run by Yoenis Cespedes though. Good to see that Howard can still drive the ball even though his bat speed isn't what it was.

This card is from my childhood collection. Back in 1994 I was allowed to buy a box (parent's money) of 1993 Score Select. I remember hitting some of those Ace insert cards and my brother telling me to hang onto this Jeter rookie card. Still have it! It's quite the pose. 

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  1. Love that Jeter! One of the cooler RCs of his out there.

  2. Fly like a Jeter - my favorite Steve Miller Band track