Saturday, September 23, 2017

6 Hanger Break Heritage High Number

I'm really a fan of the Heritage High Number. The boxes aren't outlandishly priced (like regular Heritage) and the cards are a good card stock. The 1968 design is a good year and always fun to hunt for the variations. There was nothing huge in this break (no variations) but did hit one really really good card. I could tell on the side of the pack that one of the cards was smaller then the others so I figured I hit a mini out of 100.. then boom!

Kinda looks regular sized in my scan, but its the mini numbered 31 out of 100. Pretty happy to hit a nice card of the best player in the set.

I like the set so much I just bought 7 hobby boxes. I plan on cracking them one by one and posting. Wish my luck!

Also, I went to the Philly show today, had a great time and bought some other stuff. Will show it off shortly!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Seven hobby boxes? Let me know if you land any rare Vogelbach cards. Yellow back... blue border... Red Ink Autograph and etc.