Saturday, October 14, 2017

What's in a half Case Box 5 and 6!

I decided to combine 2 boxes into this post. I got busy this week and didn't have time to post or I spent every night watching Rick and Morty instead who really knows. (My wife knows but don't ask her it would spoil the truth). Let's get right to it!

Box 5:

This was the box topper. Which is so much better then the ad panels you usually get. Pretty cool to get an authentic card even though its stamped. When I saw the rookie part I dreamed of Bench or Ryan but that's ok to get 2 guys who weren't quite as good. 

Real happy to hit a Goldy auto. I believe I will redeem this one. He was a monster on my fantasy team this past year and I'm a fan of how he plays. Rarely takes days off and is always giving his all. This is the standard blue version.

Only pulled on Chrome, the Shin Soo Choo. He gets paid a lot of money, good for him. The Greg Holland is a yellow back short print. Don't know if that made it 'harder' to pull but I doubt it.

Oh yea! This was a purple hot box! Every pack had a purple refractor which was fun. I just scanned some of the better ones, no Bellinger unfortunately. Happy to get Alfaro though for the PC.

Box 6:

 A decent rookie chrome card. He has a lot of potential.
 The mini's are numbered out of 100. This was the only one in the 7 boxes. (I now have 2!) Edwin had a tough start to the year but once he adjusted to Cleveland he had a pretty strong 2nd half.

The Koda Glover is the action variation rookie. He has potential as a closer if he can stay healthy. The Nationals window might be closing soon though with the roster changes they're going to have to make. Doesn't terribly upset me as a Phillies fan.

One more box to go! Already showed the Machado and Goldy which were the 2 big autos of the break.

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