Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wrapping up the Heritage break! (one pretty good hit)

Sorry I'm slow at posting. You know how it goes. Or you don't, dozens of people might read this post and we are all different in our own ways. Either way here is the last box of heritage I was lucky enough to open.

Big fan of these as the box topper. It was cool to get an original card even if the stamp is encroaching on Sam McDowell's face.

Pulled auto #3 of the break (Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado the other 2). Jose De Leon hot case, hit the blue auto, the trade error variation and the action variation! Hall of fame career here we go!

This is the Eric Thames action variation. Man he was amazing in April/May and then he really slumped hard through the summer. If I remember correctly he started to hit a bit at the end of the year. If he can keep that power and hit for some average he could be a nice piece of that young Brewers team.

A few shiny cards!

Here's the big one! David Peralta throwback uniform variation! 1 in 1648 packs! One of the rarer cards I've ever personally pulled. Pretty fun card to hit. Still have it as of now but may sell later.

Overall, I really enjoyed opening these boxes. I have at least 6 base sets though so yea if anyone wants to trade or buy one I'm listening. I completed all the insert sets except the combination one. I have only one SP set though but a ton of doubles/triples etc if anyone needs those I can check it out for you. Collation wasn't bad though just opened a lot! The boxes were consistent with certain packs. You knew the Nolan Ryan insert was at the end.

Very pleased with the break considering if I sold 2 cards (Peralta and Machado) I'd make my money back basically.

Thanks for reading!

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