Tuesday, January 29, 2019

All that Glitters is Gold -- Rhys Hoskins!

But only shooting stars break the mold! Smashmouth references aside I picked up 2 really nice cards for the Rhys Hoskins rookie card collection! Two shiny gold looking cards. Side note I recently had lunch with the wife and my brother in law at Two Stones Pub and that song came on the radio there. I am not a shy person and I totally sang it (I am tone deaf though I really can't sing but why would that stop me) Anyways onto what you really came to see!

I promise this card is not cut off. It was my scanner auto cropping or something. Either way it's number 1 out of 50! (not that I personally care but just in case someone wanted to know) I like the double sided face mask even though I know he was wearing it cause he broke his jaw the week before. Once he came back from injury last year he had a nice season, I think that short rest really helped him out despite getting hit in the face on a foul tip. Also, I had him on all 3 of my fantasy teams last year (1 championship, 1 last place and 1 lost in the playoffs) so no real correlation there but we can go with he caused the championship!

I know its a sticker auto but that ok. Card is still awesome. Always on the lookout for Hoskins rookie cards. Thankfully there is a lot of them out there. I'll have to take inventory of what I have. This isn't my lowest numbered auto but it's my first Chrome one!

Thanks for reading!

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