Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Heritage cards!

The wife picked up some heritage packs from one of those box things. It was a fun break but got nothing crazy. Can't win them all. Did get a little lucky and hit a couple PC cards.

The Cesar is the Chrome out of 999. Shiny cards, although they basically curled directly out of the pack. Hopefully the top loader straightens them out. The other 2 Chrome cards were both Zach Wheeler. The one out of 999 and the one out of 568 (I could be wrong about that number card is currently upstairs). It was nice to hit the lower parallel.

The Rhys Hoskins is the action variation. I was quite happy to hit that card since I was probably going to buy it anyway. I have both action variations now.

Excuse the Guinea Pig hair, I scanned that a while ago. He will hopefully have a bunch more action variations in each subsequent year. It will be cool to put a nice looking 'set' together.

Teaser for next post, I made a 'high-end' trade and ended up with a pretty nice card!

Thanks for reading!

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