Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bowman's Best!

Bowman's Best has been around a while. It is usually a nice looking set just doesn't have the crazy re-sale value that regular Bowman has. Anyone else see that Wander Franco red auto go for 22,500? He basically needs to be Mike Trout to make money on that right? If only I hit the powerball, I probably still wouldn't buy that but I would get other cool stuff.

Unrelated note, played my first volleyball match tonight. We won all 3 games, solid first showing. It was fun, I like volleyball.

Onto more card related pickups. This card rarely comes up on ebay and I probably overpaid but I don't care, might be years before I see another one.

I like the Phillies logo on the relic, but what makes this card rare is that this is a blue variation. For this set there was base blue and red. The Blue variations fell roughly 1 in every 22 boxes, the red's were twice as rare. I now have 1 of each!

I know I teased a big trade, but I haven't had time to scan this week. I will do it soon though!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been wanting to play a 30+ volleyball league for awhile. The red parallel is ridiculous amazing!!!