Friday, May 24, 2019

Quick Post!

Was busier then anticipated this week. Hopefully some things slow down with the upcoming holiday weekend. Just wanted to share this card that I've had in my scanned folder for a while.

2007 Topps Black Ryan Howard, Adam Dunn and Carlos Delgado. The who's who of Home Run hitters that year. I still think Delgado should get more consideration for the Hall of Fame. He was fun to watch. Dunn was your classic 3 outcome hitter. Howard of course was the greatest player of all time (there is no bias in that statement).

Thanks for reading!


  1. Carlos Delgado in the HOF? I liked him, but I think that that's a pretty big stretch.

  2. Those older black parallels are getting really tough to come by these days. I think Delgado is a 1st ballot HOVG player. His 2000+ hits and nearly 500 HR puts him in good company, but only 2 all star games and no major awards is tough to say he was the best at his position of his generation.