Monday, July 29, 2019

Rhys Hoskins Gold Minted!

I hinted at this card a few posts back. Thanks for being patient. I finally did some scans! I am currently in between jobs so I had a minute to do it. (I wasn't fired or anything, voluntarily switching jobs for those that are wondering).

I was on the hunt for this card for a while.They are 1 per case but not numbered but they don't seem to come up super often.

The whole card is there, I'm just not good at scanning. The Gold really does pop in the light. I have one other gold minted card.A 2nd year Corey Seager I pulled myself in a box. I knew I had to get the Rhys rookie year for my ever burgeoning Hoskins collection.

Fantasy baseball Update.. I have 2 head to head leagues. One I clinched a playoff spot.1 week left in that one and I'm 3rd playing the 2nd place team. If I win decent I can jump him and get the bye. Either way I'm mathematically in. My other head to head currently in 5th and it's a close race, need a good week this week to stay in it. My rotisserie keeper league I'm firmly in the middle of the pack but I have 4 good keepers for next year (Betts, Hoskins, Springer and Arenado) so I just have to draft pitching and get a little lucky!

Thanks for reading!