Sunday, June 14, 2020

2019 Stadium Club Retail box

Thanks for all the comments on my last post! It was a lot of fun opening some old boxes and not having bricked cards (ugh 1994 Score is the worst) Also, on this same order I wanted free shipping so I grabbed a 2019 Stadium Club retail box. 24 packs, no guaranteed autos or anything. Not to spoil the surprise I didn't hit any autos but I still thought it was a solid box.

I really like the photography and the feel of the cards in Stadium club so I was more then happy to order it. It was a fun rip because basically every pack had some sort of parallel or insert or something. Always something to look for.

I'll start with the Red Parallels (I just realized they scanned black for some reason) but really they are red. They are the easier to find parallel, trust me the lettering is red.

The Black Parallels are above, I received the exact amount I should've. Nice to hit an Acuna Jr. (I literally traded 1 away the day before)

Received 3 of each of these. The Sepias look nice but I enjoy that parallel in most sets. Nothing crazy on the Warp Speed and Power Zone's.

Got my 1 per box Beam Team Insert. He happens to be on the cover so that was pretty cool. I'm obviously not a Mets fan but DeGrom has crushed it for my fantasy team so I have nothing against him.

This is the 1 per box Chrome. This came out of the first pack. Another A's player! It was an A's kind of day.

This is a rarer insert with the Members Only stamp. They fall 1 in 256 packs. He's a good player just needs to stay healthy.

Last but not least..

Pretty happy to hit a Gold Minted Chrome. They are really nice in hand. I now have a Johnny Bench, Rhys Hoskins, Corey Seager and Sammy Sosa Gold Chrome in different years.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Loving the deGrom and the chromes. I’m not that big on Stadium Club, but the photos do look good on most of them.

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