Saturday, June 6, 2020

2020 Heritage Blaster breaks

Also, on my birthday I took a drive to target to see if they had any cards. Surprisingly it wasn't completely cleaned out (I have since checked when Bowman came out and there was literally nothing on the shelves except Wrestling cards) I have not checked for Mega boxes, don't know if I feel like making the drive to not buy anything. The previous time I checked at least I came back home with much needed paper towels. I grabbed 3 blasters of the 15 or so they had.

I enjoyed this year's Heritage. I've opened 2 previous boxes and did pretty well with 2 autos and 2 relics and a Gavin Lux action RC. Doesn't hurt to hit nice cards I suppose. This break was nothing crazy but it was still fun.

Seem to have a penchant for hitting Mets Relics. Have the Conforto and McNeil now. I like Conforto personally, he has done me well in fantasy and I would draft him again this year if you know Baseball is going to be played. 

These were the other highlights. Always nice to get a Phillies insert. JT Realmuto's contract negotiation should be interesting. He's on the last year of arbitration this year and is arguable the best catcher in the league currently. Does he command huge money or because revenue is down this year will he have to settle for less? The bottom 3 cards are short prints. May have heard of that Soto guy.

Have a 'retro' break to share soon, it was fun and hit some cool stuff. Just have to get it scanned!

Thanks for reading!

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