Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Koufax Countdown! 1961 Topps

Let's keep this train rolling! Up next is the often not talked about set 1961. I rarely see it on the top sets of the 60s. The design is rather non descript but that's ok makes the cards slightly cheaper! In this crazy market we are in now with everyone and their mother collecting (seriously my mom has me buy her baseball cards) it is nice to find a good or even a fair deal now and again.

Since I was talking price, for this nice PSA 5 I spent 61 dollars. Very happy with that price. I do like the random fielding pose that Koufax is in as well.

1961 was Koufax's first all star appearance. 255.2 IP, 269 Ks, 3.52 ERA. It was the beginning of his dominant reign.

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