Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Koufax Countdown! 1963 Topps and Fleer

 To "truely" complete the Koufax basic card run I needed the Fleer as well as the Topps. The Topps card in 1963 is a much more eye appealing card in my opinion. There is also a lot more of them available that run up for auction and what not. It wasn't super cheap but I didn't get fleeced on it or anything.

Got the Fleer in a PSA 4.5 and the Topps in a PSA 6. I like the picture in picture of the 1963 cards. Gives them some pop. Although, Koufax is smiling in his Fleer photo.

63 was quite the year for him. He won Cy Young and MVP. Doesn't happen too often for pitchers. I believe the last one if I remember correctly was Justin Verlander. ERA of 1.88, 311 IP, 306 strikeouts. 11 Shutouts. Just straight domination.

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