Thursday, December 31, 2020

A rare Rhys!

I've been half collecting Rhys Hoskins. I say half because I am only really going after his rookie stuff for the large majority. I have a couple non rookie cards but that isn't my main focus. This card I had been after for a little while but there was only 1 on ebay for forever and the seller refused to budge off his price. Eventually another copy came up for auction and I got it for less then half of the other one. 

This is the super short print from Flagship. 

 The clapping variation as it is called. Here is the short print:

Much easier to find. I'm sure I didn't spend a lot on it back in 2018.

Here is the base:

Pretty sure a nice dealer after purchasing another card just gave me one from his stack. Didn't even ask for an extra buck or anything. 

It's nice to check the super short print off the proverbial list. The SSP fell 1 in 1,619 packs. And by my quick eye counter there was 26 of them. 

Have another big insert coming in soon, hopefully the mail gets it here. Won 2 Fantasy Football championships last weekend so treated myself to a nice card! 

Thanks for reading!

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