Saturday, March 13, 2021

2000 Upper Deck Ionix Autos

These are not all the autos. I bought the Canseco but have yet to receive it. (been waiting almost a month so may have to get a refund and buy a different one). I do not have the Griffey or the Manny Ramirez (if you have a lead on them please let me know, especially the Griffey, willing to pay very strong!) 


Scott Rolen, Pat Burrell, Ben Davis, Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre. Beltre is a lock for the HOF. Previously, I showed the Vlad Senior auto. It's not a big auto set but has a bunch of good names. Ben Davis isn't expensive but he's actually a Phillies announcer now and I think he does a pretty good job. I like the cards are on-card and have a solid design. Plenty of white space to sign and most of the autos look bold and good even after 20 years. 

Thanks for reading!

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