Saturday, March 27, 2021

Red on red auto!

         Ryan Howard has been a lot of recent releases. I haven't been able to pick up everything and prices for him have been higher then I'm used to. Which is good and bad, I guess my collection is more valuable? But I have no desire to sell it. I like my collection of him, some really unique items and stuff you can't just find by searching ebay. 

Although.. I did find this card on ebay but there won't be many more if any that pop up. I like the red border with the Phillies colors, always works.

I paid 50 dollars for it. Which was fine but now I'm seeing lesser parallels go to close that or more and I just can't bring myself to pay more for something not as nice. Happy to add another low numbered hard to find Howard to the collection! 

Baseball season is right around the corner. Had my keeper league fantasy draft today and have my re-draft head-to-head league draft tomorrow. I took off work to watch baseball on April 1st! Going to be great! 

Thanks for reading!

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