Friday, May 30, 2014

Deal or No Deal... Deal!!!

I received a great package from the banker aka Jay Barker's Fan Blog! He is one of the more creative and generous bloggers out there and it was a ton of fun playing the game. I agonized over the later decisions and ultimately made the right choice!

Just to squelch any rumors.. If I had stayed with my original pick #14.. I would've gotten this:

Well I still got that because Mr. Wes was kind enough to send it to me! I should've switched the cases in the end, which mathematically speaking you should always do, but I digress, I like the number 14 so I wasn't going to switch if the prize wasn't what it was. (that was probably a run on sentence)

Check out the awesome prize!

A Whole lot of Ryan Howard Numbered goodness! I actually did sort out of my Ryan Howard numbered cards recently, debating whether I should catalog them here or elsewhere. I'll probably debate that for another 6 months! I love the black parallels for Moments and Milestones. I have about 30 of them or so. 

The Masterpieces Relic of Utley is nice and thick. Also, that set is awesome. Big fan of those cards. The Ryan Howard A&G is nice, I also like framed cards. The Lonnie Smith auto is nice too cause I didn't have one previoously!

Oh yea, almost forgot also got a sweet HOF signed baseball of Robin Roberts!

(borrowed the picture)

Thanks for letting me play! It was fantastic!

Thanks for reading!

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