Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Long Weekend! and ooo Shiny!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy long weekend, unless you have to work on Monday in which case, happy normal weekend! Also, Happy Memorial Day to the veteran's out there! I know a few veterans around my age or people still in the airforce/army etc. My Mom's husband is a Vietnam veteran as well.

Hope everyone enjoys the weather and the BBQ's!

The Phillies are very hot and cold this year, they love to either get shut out or score 10 runs. I wish we could carry over runs from previous games that we didn't need. That'd make things interesting... score a run in the 4th inning and be like nah.. we'll use that run tomorrow take it off the board.

Here's the shiny part of this post!

This a sweet XFractor rookie from 2003 Bowman Chrome. It's numbered out of 130 so there's not too many out there. The Gem Mint part was just a bonus but I didn't have this card previously. I am actively searching for the gold one numbered out of 50. There's one on ebay but he wants over 200 and the last one sold for about 100. Large price difference that I'm not willing to do. Patience is a virtue!

Thanks for reading!

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