Monday, May 5, 2014

My Nicest hockey card! Dual auto!

I have eluded to this card for the last 2 posts. It arrived Saturday and I had time to scan some stuff tonight! I decided to show it right away since I know all dozen(s) of you are on pins and needles. I had been searching for the 'right' card for about a year. I was more then happy when I came across this one!

Without further stalling!

Jaromir Jagr and Eric Lindros dual auto! Both on card and both in Flyers uniforms! I was searching for a while for a Jagr auto specifically in a Flyers uni. He only played here for one year (and then Flyers management were dumb and didn't offer him a decent contract), so there weren't too many options. I saw the Shield Logo one of one once at a card show. I asked the dealer what she wanted.. she said 18.. I stupidly pulled out 20 bucks and said deal.. she was like uh 1,800.. not my finest moment. Smooth move. Regardless, all happiness with this card! Awesome sigs and players and my favorite Hockey team! Stanley Cup Champions.. next year!

I'm optimistic! NFL draft on Thursday! My Birthday next week! Lots of good stuff to come!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a fantastic card right there, great stuff!

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