Friday, August 8, 2014

Gint A Cuffs Part 4 (Packs 15-20) May the points continue!

So far doing pretty decent, I think! I don't remember what I scored last year, will have to look it up! Let's continue on with the fun!

Starting Total: +115
Carl Crawford FT +1
Snoop Lion -1
Matt Cain SP +1

That's all the points

Running Total: +116.. one whole point more! 

The Iron Horse -1
Pastime's Pastime Hank Aaron +2
Air Supremecy F-22 +2
Jose Abreu RC +500!
Mariano River A&G Back -1, +2

Running Total +120 or the real score +620!

Hit alert! Number 3! Good Ole Jason Heyward!

Jason Heyward Relic +8
Michael Cuddyer Mini A&G back +2

Running Total +130

Pastime's Pastime Gehrig -1, +2
Air Supremacy  V-22 +2
Nolan Arenado Mini SP +3

Running Total: +136

Juan Gonzalez SP +2

Don't see any other point cards in this pack. Not the most eventful note to end on!

Running Total: +138 with 4 packs to go!

Stay tuned for the conclusion probably sometime this weekend! Enjoy Friday!

Thanks for reading!