Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Onward and Upward Gint A Cuffs Part 3 (Packs 11-15)

We will continue the 5 packs at a time theme. Thanks to those that are following along. Always fun(at least to me) to see what gets pulled! Maybe (most likely) we will see the first hit of the break! (3 are promised, c'mon Topps)

Pack 11:

It's a hit!!! A rarer one.. framed mini's aren't guaranteed like in year's past. This one happens to be 1 in every 174 packs! A very nice one for points as well!

I started this post at +61 

Elvis Andrus Mini Framed Relic +20
Tanaka Yankee -1
CJ Wilson SP +2
Where Nature Ends Botticelli +3

Running Total: +85

That was an exciting pack.. onto the next one!

Carlos Beltran -1
Anthony Bourdain -1
Ryu SP FT +2, +1
Wacha Mini SP +3

Running Total: +89

Chuck Klosterman +1
Pastime's Pastimes Ty Cobb +2
World Capital's Brazil +2
A&G Back Don Mattingly +2, -1 Edit: The Mattingly is actually a No number Mini.. so it should have been +6, -1, which increases my score to +162!

Running Total: +95

Pastime's Pastimes Harmon Killebrew +2
Festival's and Fairs Holi Festival +2
A&G Back Ted Williams +2

Running Total: +101

Hit #2 alert! Not quite as big as the first one but I like the design and Carlos Gonzalez is pretty good.

Carlos Gonzalez Full Size bat relic +8
Elvis Andrus SP +2
Rickey Henderson Black Mini +3
Duke Snider FT +1

Running Total: +115

Not too bad after 15 packs. One hit to go. Not sure it's going to be enough to win but I'd like to not be in last place! Unrelated note, I lost in my mini golf tournament in the semi finals. Was tied going into 17 and ended up losing by 2 (needed a hole in one on 18, hit a great shot.. hit the cup and bounced out unbelievable!) Regardless, it was fun, looking forward to next year's tournament!

Anyways, hope you guys and gals have enjoyed my box so far!

Thanks for reading!

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