Monday, October 27, 2014

A Diecut auto!

Just to show something a little bit different this time. I have a bunch of new-ish Ryan Howard's but this card does not fit in that category. I simply enjoy the design of these cards and wanted a cool auto.

Although Nelson Cruz is no longer on the Rangers, he had quite a good season for the Orioles. He was mashing the ball down at Camden Yards (fun ballpark to visit!). As you can see these are numbered to 25 and although the auto is a sticker it still works for me. These cards non sticker came 1 per box in 2012. They are nice and a welcome edition to the Topps Chrome universe. One day I'll get the non auto set. I have a bunch of these in my 2012 Chrome binder.

Only one more win for the Giants. Quite a performance by Bumgarner.. he deserves MVP if they win it!

Thanks for reading!