Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Swing and a Hit!

Baseball season is officially over. (sad face) Let the Hot Stove begin! Some big names out there. Pablo Sandoval, James Shields and Max Scherzer immediately come to mind. Will the Phillies trade Cole Hamels? (personally I hope not, hes one of the few reasons to watch). Ruben Amaro somehow managed to keep his job, wonder who he has pictures of! These questions and more will be answered in the coming Hot Stove winter.. and just in case I forget, happy almost daylight savings time!

The title of this post comes from these 2 refractors!

I very much enjoy the home run pose. I say everyone should flip their bat if they get a home run, you hit it you deserve to enjoy it.

This 2011 Topps Chrome set is what got me back to collecting. I bought a blaster on a whim at Target and hit a pretty sweet Buster Posey refractor. I ended up buying a case.. now that was fun! It has since become my one large annual purchase. This picture is pre-injury Ryan Howard, so you know he was in fine form. Head down bat extended, bye bye ball!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the baseball off season!

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  1. The baseball fun police will get you for flipping your bat.