Friday, January 2, 2015

A Year in Review.. Ryan Howard a retrospective!

As stated many moons ago (last January-ish) I decided to go after all Ryan Howard parallels for the year. Early on the year I did really well, and was able to get a lot of them and a few of the rarer ones. I lost some steam during the year because funds had to be re-allocated else where (like getting married!) I'm not upset I didn't go after Bowman at all this year.. I wasn't impressed with the static and the bubbles. I am happy with Topps Chrome this year. They eliminated the pink refractor (was super hard to find last year) and made it fun to go after rainbow's again.

Topps Series 1...

The yellow retail, Blue Wal mart, Red Target, Red Sparkle, Silk (out of 5) and Relic (out of 99).

The Acetate (out of 10 awesome card!), Black Printing plate (1/1) and Topps Blank Back (1/1)!

Base, Power Players, Upper Class insert, Pink out of 50, Black out of 64, Camo out of 99, Gold out of 2014, Purple Toys R Us and Green Retail.

Not too shabby for Topps Series 1. As far as I know no other plates and the platinum ever surfaced, or I missed them.

Topps Series 2..

Just both relics. One numbered out of 99, one not numbered. Kinda hard to tell the difference!

Topps Turkey Red..

Got one plate! and the base card! That's it. I think the only other things out there are the plates.

Topps Allen and Ginter..

I might have the base card too somewhere. But the one mini is out 33, one out of 25 (flag back) and one out of 50 (no number). Not too bad either! 

Topps Museum Collection...

I tried real hard to get a patch out of 5 but the guy would not budge off his ridiculous price. Oh well! Three Circle relics are numbered out of 5, 10 and 25 respectively! And the Two squares are 35 and 50. I'd love to bust Museum but its beyond my risk tolerance.

Last but certainly not least... Topps Chrome!

The Ryan Howard is a really nice back to back auto (1 in 17K packs!) The guy on the other side is Joey Votto. Also, I was really happy to pick up the relic auto. Very sharp looking cards.

I know a bunch of you requested the Rainbow scan! I decided to put it all in one scan instead of 9 scans. The Super on down! I now have 2 official completed rainbows (only missing the super for 2013 Chrome).

I didn't get any Howard Triple Threads this year. Seemed like the prices weren't in line, but that's ok I'm sure they'll surface again after a time.

Thanks for checking out my 2014 Ryan Howard collection!


  1. Well done! That back to back is awesome! Scan in the Votto man!

  2. That is an impressive Ryan Howard collection, the rainbow looks great together.

    I recently picked up a Ryan Howard card at the LCS in a $10 mystery pack win (it was 3rd prize). It is Howard's 2006 Bowman base card but it has been autographed and hand serial numbered 55/67. I believe it is some sort of recollection auto, it does have a Topps sticker on the back. Drop me a line if you are interested in it.

  3. That patch in the Chrome card is crazy nice. Awesome collection Brad!

  4. Very cool to see the various colored parallels all together. I've read about them but I've not seen them before.