Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A couple PWE's!

I enjoy the blogosphere. I am not a writer by trade but I know how to put together a sentence. I like baseball hence, baseball card blog, and I like trading. This is turning into quite the like fest. I also like people that send me random stuff for no apparent reason! Very generous and awesome.

Check out some PWE's!

The Frank Thomas Lords of the Diamond is a really cool looking card. It's diecut on the top and bottom in a nice zigzag pattern. The Sizemore is a yellow refractor from those Topps update mega chrome boxes that come out late in the year. This is courtesy of The Lost Collector! 

Always nice to see some red parallels with Phillies! I didn't open much Topps base this past year so I believe I needed all three of these! So far only J-Roll has left the team. Chooch and Asche are still around (Asche hopefully will develop into a nice player). Already getting the spring training itch!

This comes courtesy of One Man's Junk Wax!

Thanks for the cards and thanks for reading!

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