Thursday, June 11, 2015

A new Ryan Howard auto!

I have a pile of cards I still need to send out. I've been extremely busy and for not sending cards back I apologize. I did not forget just have a lot going on (all good!). I'd like to try and post more frequently but if I maintain the 3-4 day average I'll be pretty happy about it. My work volleyball league has started back up and that's been fun. I enjoy it. This whole paragraph has almost nothing to do with baseball.

I feel like I got this card for a steal.. it was 8 bucks.. poorly listed and bad timing to end. I guess no one else was watching!

Anytime I can get a triple relic auto from Tribute numbered out of 25 for the price of a lunch.. count me in! I don't really buy these high end boxes (at least not yet) so super happy to get this card added to the PC!

Also, fantasy baseball update. I have two teams. One is in dead last.. and terrible, I might be stuck there. One is in 2nd and fairly solid. That team is the all baseball card team (as I like to call it). It has Trout, Harper, Bryant and Gallo! Maybe I can convince the commissioner to make it a keeper league.

Anyway, hope all is well!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Trout and Harper should be enough to keep a team afloat!

    Nice Tribute Howard. $8 is a steal.