Monday, June 8, 2015

Stan the Man!

Recently Mr Stan Musial passed away after living a long and hopefully prosperous life. He is well known as a fan favorite and one of the greatest baseball players ever. You don't get the nickname 'the Man' by mistake!

Per Wikipeda:

It was also during the 1946 season that Musial acquired his nickname of "The Man".[67] During the June 23 game against the Dodgers at Ebbets Field, St. Louis Post-Dispatch sportswriter Bob Broeg heard Dodger fans chanting whenever Musial came to bat, but could not understand the words.[67][72] Later that day over dinner, Broeg asked Cardinals traveling secretary Leo Ward if he had understood what the Dodger fans had been chanting.[67] Ward said, "Every time Stan came up they chanted, 'Here comes the man!'" "'That man,' you mean", Broeg said. "No, the man", replied Ward.[67] Broeg mentioned this story in his Post-Dispatch column, and Musial was thereafter known as Stan "The Man".[67]

The people gave him the nickname! 

Anyways, at the previously mentioned card show, I picked up an auto of his. I understand he signed a lot in his later years but this auto was clean and affordable. 

Despite the lack of logos, I still like the old timey picture. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 

Thanks for reading!

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