Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Auto and a Plate!

Unfortunately, it's not an autographed plate. I don't believe I have one of those in my collection. One day! Hope everyone in the north east isn't getting overheated out there. It's nice and summery now. On the upside, I much prefer hot to cold so that's fine with me and Rita's water ice is readily available.

Completely unrelated note, anyone know anything about septic systems? We are house hunting and this one house we like, we were told the drainage field is partially covered by the driveway. Is that a legit problem or is that whatever? I grew up with public sewage so I never had a septic system. Any of you people out there with knowledge please share :) Thanks!

Ok back to important things like baseball and baseball cards! Both of these cards from that local card show I was able to go too a few weeks back.

A Ryan Howard auto I didn't own:

It is a sticker, but it's a nice looking card overall. Set me back 10 dollars (the seller had a sticker price of 15, I offered 10, he wouldn't budge so I said ok thanks and started to walk away, then he changed his mind!) Tough negotiation I know! 

This plate is framed, I have a ton of the black's numbered out of 25 from this set so I figured why not add a plate! It's nice and magenty.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the other info if you know something!

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