Sunday, December 6, 2015

Welcome to December!

I know I'm about six days late on this post, but that's ok it's still December. Thanks for all the kind words on the giveaway, glad everyone enjoyed the cards!

The winter moves are heating up. How about Greinke, biggest average annual contract for any player! I know the DBack lineup last year was pretty solid, so who knows, getting an ace may put them in the race this year. I see Iwakuma just signed with the Dodgers. I think that's a good move, he was hurt last year for Seattle but he has been very solid in the past. He will fit in sliding behind Kershaw in the order. The Phillies have done more or less nothing. They may have 4 starting pitchers that either are rookies or 2nd year guys. I have faith in Nola and Eichel but beyond that it may get pretty ugly. Tickets should be cheap by May!

I'm behind on scanning but my big move is about a week away. Lots to do before that! Very exciting! If any of you have bought a house before, you understand the journey it can be. This one has been but I have a real good feeling about moving into this place and staying there for a long time. Most importantly.. already purchased a ping pong table for the basement!

I do have one big card coming in this week. I got the tracking number so just waiting for USPS to get it here. I will share that one! Pretty excited for it. (ooo foreshadowing)

Hope all is well!

Happy Hanukah!

Thanks for reading!

One of my favorite vintage cards!


  1. Basements are great for fun and games, and hobby displays! Congrats on your new home. Your excitement shows! My place doesn't have a basement. In fact, I downsized from 2300 sq ft to 1400 and it's certainly been a challenge making it all work. I'm still giving stuff away. Show us some pics when you can. Happy Hanukkah!

  2. It's been a long time since I lived with a ping pong table. I miss that!

  3. Congrats on the new house. Moving is a pain in the butt, but it is nice to get space.

    I give the Dbacks credit for signing a top flight starter. The good thing about him is that he'll age better than most pitchers as he relies more on change of speed than blowing guys away. Plus like you said the lineup is already respectable with Goldschmidt and Pollock.

  4. Can't wait to cheer on the D-Backs in 2016!