Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Mini Auto!

Officially almost 2 weeks of home ownership. Definitely more work then an apartment but a lot more space. The card room has been painted, just doing the baseboards now. Hopefully be all set up in there before New Year's. Still need to learn the back roads around here but that will come with time. As my grandma likes to say 'Can't get lost in America'.

I was able to pick this card up for under 5 dollars shipped. It ended at like 3 AM eastern time and no one sniped it. I was more then happy to grab it considering I have never opened the Topps Mini product.

It's a sticker auto, as the majority of Howard autos are, but none the less happy to add it to the PC. Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas time and spent some quality time with the people that you care about.

Also, just finished watching Season 1 of Jessica Jones. I like the whole superhero thing so I enjoyed it. It kept my interest the whole time.

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Nice score, gotta love late night ebay pickups. I just watched the first episode of Jessica Jones last night, not bad.