Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cards from Brandon!!

My address works! I have traded with reader Brandon a few times in the past and he decided he wanted to send some things my way after my giveaway (returns not required but always appreciated). Whenever I get something interesting basketball hes the person to talk too.

My cards are still packed away but we are almost to the point that we can setup the card room. My wife and I (mostly her) painted the card room in Phillies Red and Blue. It looks awesome in my opinion. I'll be sure to share once its completely done. It's a large-ish room so there will be plenty of space for displays and picture hanging etc. Also, space to really organize the Phillies collection and spread out a bit. Things I really couldn't do in the apartment since we only had the one spare room.

Here's some of the cards..

I'll never say no to Frank Thomas cards. One of my PC's that I thoroughly enjoy. I can't afford some of the high end stuff he has but I enjoy all those 90s cards just the same. (That being said if someone wants to trade/sell me a Frank Thomas NNOF I will make a real strong offer). 
This card did not scan as well as it looks. Its acetate and has a real cool design. The player is Arnett Moultrie, unfortunately his career hasn't taken off stateside. He was the 27th overall pick and is now playing in Lebanon. Who knows, maybe he will make is way back to the NBA, happens all the time.

Thanks for the cards Brandon!

Thanks for reading!

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